9.00AM-10.00AM Plenary session 7–Room 1

A new model of care and support

The NYUCI – A psychosocial intervention for family caregivers of people with dementia Mary Mittelman

What would quality dementia care look like in order to support quality of life Lee-Fay Low

10.00AM-10.30AM Morning Tea- TSB ARENA

F1-Room 1

New conversations in dementia Convenor: Matthew Croucher

Living with younger onset dementia – one year on Edie Mayhew

Still gay Pauline Crameri and Sally Lambourne

Exercise helps me remember my N.A.M.E.S John Quinn

Distress in dementia – A clinician and care partner discuss various aspects Sires Bharathan and Paula Kimble

Interaction-focused therapy to facilitate conversation in dementia Annabel Grant

F2-Room 2

Innovations in care Convenor: Theresa Lee

The value of reading for people with dementia Gillian Claridge and Sally Rimkeit

To drive or not to drive – that is the question Rhonda Preston-Jones and Gregory Winkelmann

Staying well and active programme Caroline Grogan

Computer gaming therapy Jenny Drury-Ruddlesden

F3-Room 3

 Workshop: Implementing an evidence based psychosocial intervention – a workshop about the consequences of adherence or change Convenor: Mary Mittelman

F4-Room 4

 Human rights Convenor: Mary Slater

Support for people with dementia through a disability rights lens Sharon Brandford

Supporting the right to live fully: A wellbeing approach Al Power

Human rights in dementia care: a case study Grace O’Sullivan

Ethics and living well with dementia Wayne Miles

Dementia and the practice of citizenship Jean Gilmour