8.30-9.30AM Conference Opening

Mihi Whakatau and formal welcome from Taranaki Whanui

Address: Jonathan Coleman, Minister of Health

Welcome Ngaire Dixon, Chair, Alzheimers NZ

9.30-10.00AM Morning Tea- TSB ARENA
10.00AM-11.00AM Plenary session 1 –Room 1

A conversation with people with dementia

Keynote: The power of people with dementia: Mick Carmody

Panel Discussion

Convenor: Kate Swaffer, Dementia Alliance International

Panel Members: Anne Tudor and Edie Mayhew, Mick Carmody, Dave Paddon



Plenary session 2 –  Room 1

Advances towards treatment, prevention and cure

Is the brain fixable in Alzheimer’s disease?-Maurice Curtis

Dementia’s identity crisis-Steve Iliffe


Poster Presentation 12.20-12.50pm


A1-Room 1:

Through their voices we will learn Convenor: Beth McDougall

How do you know you have dementia? Eileena and Dubhglas Taylor

Travel and dementia Edie Mayhew and John Quinn

Getting out of the maze: Changing the culture of clinical research for well-educated lab rats with dementia Mary Radnofsky

A2-Room 2:

 Effective interventions Convenor: Mary Mittelman

Translating cognitive stimulation therapy for people with dementia – experience for New Zealand Kathy Peri

The Pool Activity Level (PAL) instrument for occupational profiling in dementia care Anae Dixon

A4-Room 4:

Primary healthcare initiatives Convenor: Steve Iliffe

Cost analysis of the cognitive impairment pathway intervention for primary healthcare Michal Boyd

District-based medical and social collaborative model for dementia care David Dai

Primary care dementia assessment and treatment service in South Auckland Mark Fisher


B1-Room 1

Together we are better (1): Community Development Convenor: Beth McDougall

Little effort, big rewards: Wellington Region Network Anne Schumacher and Emma Fromings
Living well with the Moving into Care project: Leading change through successful collaborative partnerships Sally Lambourne
Integrating dementia care – the Singapore experience Li-ling Ng

Community partnership: A partnership between WellElder and Alzheimers Wellington Tina Reid and Sally Perris

B2-Room 2

 Sustainable support and education for our care partners and workforce Convenor: Di Stokes

Open Minds Open Doors: Developing the Kaiāwhina workforce to support people with dementia in their homes James Lord
Narratives of lived experiences of caregivers of older persons with dementia in Macau Wen Zeng
Caregivers knowledge of dementia, the prevalence and risk factors of dementia: evidence from a large scale survey in Yogyakarta, Indonesia Yuda Turana
Connection through music; the work of Music Moves Me Trust Vicki Jones

B3-Room 3

Frontiers of support and treatment Convenor: Ngaire Dixon

World Osteoporosis Day Report Paul Mitchell

Friendship between residents with dementia in nursing homes Lee-Fay Low

Providing long term care for those without legal capacity: Disputes about what is required legally in New Zealand Mark Fisher

Cognition: dementia in people ageing with schizophrenia Chris Perkins

Living well with dementia: A matter of choice and control Grace O’Sullivan

B4-Room 4

Towards better diagnosis and treatment Convenor: Maurice Curtis

Hormone therapy and Alzheimer’s disease: past, present, and future Andrea Kwakowsky

The use of robotic therapeutic seal “Paro” to manage behavioural issues in dementia day care centres Jocelyn Neo

Texture-modified products supporting dementia patients to maintain optimal nutritional status – a case based study Sam Bridgewater

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy on an Acute Psychogeriatric Ward  Michael Parker

3.30PM-4.00PM Afternoon tea
4.00PM-5.30PM Plenary session 3 – Dementia, a global and New Zealand perspective

Address from David Mace, Chair, Freemasons Foundation, Principal Partner – Dementia Delegates

The importance of a global contribution by people with dementia Kate Swaffer, Dementia Alliance International

Dementia: The Global Perspective Glenn Rees, Alzheimer’s Disease International

A New Zealand perspective Jim Nicolson, Ministry of Health


5.30PM-5.35PM The last word: Mick Carmody
5.40-7.30PM Social Function-TSB ARENA (Ticket Holders only)