Mick Carmody

Mick Carmody, 60 years old, lives in Brisbane, Queensland. He was diagnosed with Fronto Temporal Dementia in 2013. After going through all of the usual reactions when he was first diagnosed, he was introduced to Kate Swaffer who introduced him to Dementia Alliance International (www.infodai.org). This fantastic organisation is run entirely by people with Dementia, which is exclusively an advocacy and support group, of, by and for people with dementia.

Mick’s journey so far has been sad, happy, exciting, mad, funny and many other things which he will share with you.

He is now an extraordinary global advocate for people living with dementia, and works towards ensuring their human rights, and he is very passionate about a DAI program called Weekly online support groups. Mick says, “Too many people fall through the cracks and are not advised on where to get help, or, who can help them”. These support groups fill in the cracks.

The support groups empower people to live with dementia, not only to die from it, and they change outlooks and lives. This is what Mick will be speaking about, and the weekly support groups are what drives him each and every day and he draws on inspiration he receives through hosting these groups around the world. You will not want to miss this inspiring presentation.